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Sydney Criminal Lawyers is one of the leading criminal law firms and practise criminal and driving cases exclusively. Specialising in criminal law means that all our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of applicable laws and the necessary experience in cases similar to yours.

Our firm is regularly referred serious drug cases and has even represented three accused in Australia’s largest ever drug case, which involved the importation of over $600 million worth of heroin. 

All three of our clients had access to the drugs on the ships and one had even told police that he knew the drugs were there. At the end of a lengthy trial, all three of our clients were found not guilty.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers has also achieved impressive results in smaller-scale cases too – we believe that we get more section 10s than other law firms (where the accused pleads guilty but does not get a criminal record).

We have consistently achieved excellent results for clients in traffic cases, with clients having their charges dropped, or suffering no convictions and no licence disqualification.

We are long established and have an impressive track record. Our practice is well known and respected amongst magistrates, judges and police. We also work closely with forensic experts in crime cases to ensure we can deliver the strongest possible defences to charges against our clients.

Conveniently located opposite the Downing Centre Courthouse, our lawyers have represented clients in over 10,000 cases, not limited to the Sydney metropolitan areas. We visit greater NSW, including regional towns.

Our principal, Ugur Nedim has been in the business for decades and has conducted over 3,500 court cases. He has represented clients in over 20 murder and manslaughter trials, as well as many other clients in matters including sexual assault cases, robbery, drug importation and drink driving. He has won appeals at every level and succeeded cases that other firms called unwinnable.

We understand that not everyone can afford expensive legal fees, so we make sure that you know, upfront how much your case will cost. We offer fixed fees for a number of services including drink driving and traffic cases, through to assault, fraud, AVOs and murder charges.

Our Fixed Fees

We were the first firm to introduce fixed fees, over a decade ago, which anyone can view on our website.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers offer fixed fees for police interviews so that you can protect your rights at the police station, and make prison visits throughout all NSW Correctional Centres.

Our Senior Lawyer Guarantee

We have a “Senior Lawyer Guarantee” which means if your case goes to court, you will only be represented by someone with significant experience in court and previous successful results. You won’t be represented by a junior lawyer who may not have the necessary experience to achieve the best results in your case.

The barristers that we brief are likewise experienced and well respected both in and out of court. Many have worked on high-profile cases and achieved successful results for their clients.


We also push hard for the withdrawal of cases before they even go to trial, by writing representations. Representations are letters to the prosecution asking them to drop some or all of the charges against you, or to reduce the seriousness of the charges.

We believe that most law firms in general don’t take advantage of representations enough. Representations can save you the time, money and expense (not to mention the stress of a lengthy trial in court). If charges against you are dropped, this means you will never have to even enter a courtroom.

Legal Aid

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is a law firm that is on the Legal Aid Commission’s ‘General Criminal Law Panel’ and ‘Serious Criminal Law Panel.’ This means that you may be able to get Legal Aid to pay us to represent you. 

We understand how distressing it can be being charged with a crime and do everything possible to take care of your matter in the best possible way. Rest assured that we fight hard to achieve superior results for our clients and believe that we offer you unbeatable legal services.

To get in contact with us give us a call anytime on 02 9261 8881 – even after hours or on weekends, we are available 24 hours. Visit our website to find out more information about how we can help you and send us an inquiry.


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