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MCI Lawyers - Australia’s premier immigration law firm.

With our head office located at the Exchange Tower (530 Little Collins Street), the heart of Melbourne’s central business district, we are qualified to provide a range of immigration advice and services to our clients.

Whether you are seeking to migrate to Australia for work or leisure, MCI Lawyers & Consultants can provide you with the right advice and guidance. Be sure to visit our website to find out why you should choose us, and how we are different from other migration agents.

Why Choose Us?

Most people wanting to migrate to Australia tell us they are at a loss as to where to start. The truth is, Australian immigration law is highly complex and subject to changes and reviews several times a year.

To cut through all the legal jargon and paperwork, you need to work with an expert who is able to advise you on the various options (such as the kinds of VISA you need) and follow through with the actual application process.

Here at MCI Lawyers & Consultants, your case will be personally handled by our Principal Lawyer Karen Wong, who is a Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) Accredited Immigration Law Specialist.

Reason #1 - Your case will be personally handled by an accredited immigration law specialist.

Each year, numerous lawyers sit for the Accreditation Examinations offered by the Law Institute of Victoria. According to the institute’s website, “Only the best lawyers in their field of expertise become LIV Accredited Specialists.”

Amongst other requirements, an Accredited Specialist must:

  • Have at least 5 years full time practice experience and at least 3 years practise experience in their areas of specialisation. 
  • Pass a rigorous examination that tests technical knowledge, writing and advocacy skills. This examination is developed and assessed by industry experts.
  • Furthermore, specialists need to apply for re-accreditation every 3 years to ensure that their knowledge is kept up to date.  

The LIV immigration law specialist accreditation program started in 1992 and takes place once every 2 years.

Just how stringent are these requirements?

While there are over a thousand lawyers claiming to practise in immigration law in Australia, only about 55 of them are Accredited Immigration Law Specialists (out of which 29 are in Victoria).

When you work with MCI Lawyers & Consultants, you are not just entrusting your case to someone who “claims” to be an expert. You are entrusting your application to one of the only 55 lawyers in Australia who are currently accredited as immigration law specialists.

Reason #2 - Your case is always handled in-house and never outsourced.

When you choose a large national law firm that has hundreds of lawyers, it may make you feel good that your case is being represented by a “huge firm”. Unfortunately, this misconception often leads to unnecessary worries for a number of clients.

Here’s why. Large law firms often find a need to outsource their “routine” work such as the forms-filling, and any other preparatory work to staff that may not be qualified to handle them. For example, while you may consult with an actual lawyer, the application process may be handled by a clerk or his secretary.

Here at MCI Lawyers & Consultants, your case is always handled personally by our Principal Lawyer and never delegated or outsourced without your knowledge.

We have such a tremendous commitment to quality that Karen Wong, our Principal Lawyer, will personally handle every piece of paperwork for a client and advising each client on his / her course of action from the beginning to the end… till you receive a successful outcome for your application.

For this reason, we are able to inform and tell you exactly what needs to be done at each stage of the consultation process.

Karen should know best since she has worked in senior positions in law firms of different sizes over the past 7 years --- from national law firms with a few hundred lawyers, to sole proprietorships. In each firm, only one lawyer does the work and has the most contact with you… so you need to make sure you engage the best lawyer who is committed, accountable and easily contactable at all times.

Reason #3 - We provide accurate solutions each time.

Most immigration lawyers or migration agents only work with clients from one part of the country or world. As such, when faced with a client with a different set of requirements, they may not be well-equipped to provide the necessary advice.

Over the years, our Principal Lawyer has worked with clients from different parts of the world, both in and outside of Australia. Doing so has given us considerablse experience in providing accurate VISA options to clients, depending on their unique circumstances and requirements.

Furthermore, Karen is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and conversational Hokkien. Being able to communicate directly with a client makes a world of difference, as it means saving on the costs of hiring an interpreter, the hassle of looking for a suitable one and being able to get the message across each time.

Our Services


A partial list of services provided by MCI Lawyers & Consultants:

  • Skilled visas (onshore and offshore)
  • Permanent and provisional business visas
  • Family visas
  • Student visas
  • Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Migration Review Tribunal, Federal and Federal Magistrates Court of Australia
  • Ministerial Intervention (submissions under ss351 and 417 of the Migration Act seeking Ministerial intervention in the public interest).

Our policy is to help clients achieve their aims of working or living in Australia using the fastest and most direct options available. We oversee the application process from the start to end, and handle all the necessary completion or submission of paperwork so you do not have to.

Of course, we will be there to provide prompt, up-to-date advice on the status of your case when you need it.





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